• what we do

    Capacity Building

    A pool of experts of the HDP NGO conducts theoretical and practical capacity building sessions including study tours for both international and local customers. The products offered by them are mainly related to the implementation of the Performance Based Financing strategy, on sexual and reproductive health, HIV, community participation and community-based health insurance.

    Health Care Service Delivery

    HDP partners with various stakeholders of the health system in Rwanda to provide quality health care services to the population of Gikomero sector, Gasabo District. Services are rendered through a network of health facilities composed of a Health Centre and two health posts in the above mentioned catchment population. The primary package of services is comprised of curative, preventive and community participation. To take action, HDP bases on continuous surveys that ensure patient satisfaction and correctness of declared data from health facility managers.


    Consultancy is also part of HDP. The above mentioned services can be provided when requested by clients/partners in the country, regionally or internationally. Consultants are either internal experts or external organizations with specific and existing agreements for collaboration.

    Projects Implementation

    The implementation of projects to improve the health of the population in partnership or alone is an important component in HDP. The business volume remains a major source of the ongoing work for HDP team. Product diversification is carried out on the broad field of public health either on the side of a service consumer or a service provider. As a service provider, HDP has identified district hospitals, health centers and health posts as partners. While as a service consumer groups identified within a community are key actors in the implementation of projects. It works as well with different organizations across Africa in Public Health and Health System strengthening projects implementation as well as universities and Higher Education Institutes for research and study purposes.

    Access to Finance

    Health Investment is being explored by HDP as one of key products. It should serve as a long term answer to the permanent request of health centers, community health works, health posts or districts hospitals which need small loans or cash advance to invest in building renovation or other daily operations to improve on quality of their services. The Health Investment comes in at the right time to contribute to making available additional resources to health care providers. The funding provided under the health investment product is used for the upgrade of equipment, infrastructure and manpower which in turn stimulates efficiency and quality improvements in the health system. In addition the same approach is being tested in the multisectoral area of Sexual and Reproductive Health for Young people through the provision of the capital funds to youth initiatives and innovations aiming at supporting them to tackle the social, cultural and economic constraints that often constitute barriers to their choices.