• Health Facilities

    Health Facilities

    HDP as a specialized public health non-governmental organisation has invested in three model health facilities in Gasabo district. We have built Gikomero health center, (25/11/2008) and two health posts, Mukuyu Health post (2014), Kibara health post (2016). All these three facilities are fully equipped and offer the best care to this population. Their location was selected due to the lack of health facilities to the neighbouring communities

    Gikomero Health center

    Gikomero health center is located at 28 Kilometers from Kibagabaga, Gasabo district hospital. The health center works on a 24/7 schedule and has more than ten nurses working there to give the best health care services to the community. It is a health center that works closely with the district pharmacy to access pharmaceutical drugs needed by patients. It is equipped with a modern laboratory and three lab technicians and ten nurses operating in different fields like maternity, general medicine and ophthalmology. The health center also has 10 inpatient beds for hospitalization.

    Gikomero Health Center complex

    Gikomero health center has 80 community health workers. They are divided in three groups: a group of 20 is in charge of maternal care, 20 are in the preventive and educative unit (in charge of vaccination and health education in the community) and 40 who are binomial (they mainly take care of children’s health). HDP empowers the community health workers by supporting income-generating activities. The health center also coordinates fundraising activities to support community health insurance (mutuelle de santé) for the most vulnerable families in the community to help them access healthcare easier.

    HDP NGO through the health facilities has also facilitated the electrification of a village. The organization has bought an electrical transformer, 7 pylons for the electrification of in Rudakabukirwa, a village in Gikomero sector.  This changed the lives of Gikomero families forever.

    Rudakabukirwa village that was provided with electricity

    Mukuyu and Kibara health posts

    Mukuyu and Kibara health posts operate under Gikomero health center. Apart from helping the community in accessing healthcare, these health posts also have created jobs since all the permanent health workers team is made of local people and are available every day of the week from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. They are always supplied with medicine and have outreach through vaccination, family planning and Out Patient Department (OPD). They are also equipped with a fully functional laboratory and are constantly supplied with solar electricity. In a search for a better and quicker service, health posts use a mobile phone application to work with “Mutuelle de Santé”.

    Mukuyu health post
    Kibara health post