• background


    HEALTH, DEVELOPMENT AND PERFORMANCE (H.D.P) is a Rwandese Non-Government Organization established in 2006 and registered officially since 2007. HDP has a long experience in the implementation of health financing interventions in the area of Performance Based Financing and Health Insurance Scheme. The organization is also increasingly expanding its operations in various African countries to help them out starting those initiatives. The expertise developed in the organization has grown up over time from health financing to public health areas including but not limited to Tuberculosis, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Malaria, Nutrition and School health. HDP has also a longstanding experience to work with other partners in local or international consortia, in the Country and in other African countries. Those opportunities have led the organization to developing strong relationship with experienced institutions in the mentioned fields.

    Since January 2013, HDP went further and took charge in promoting sexual and Reproductive Health for young people in Rwanda. It came as a way to reinforce programs that work on improving to healthcare vulnerable groups with a focus on 10 to 24 young people. It is done mainly through training the personnel in charge to change their opinion on the topic, to develop a youth friendly attitude and to assist the Ministry of Health adapting data collection and analysis regarding services to young people.

    HDP is governed by a General Assembly supported by an Executive Committee to follow up the implementation of its decisions and guidelines. The organization implements the activities through Not for Profit Unit; Health Facility Unit and Health Investment Company. Team work with the lead of the management team of each unit is privileged by the organization.