• HDP supports community in Gikomero

    HDP supports community in Gikomero

    On Saturday September 22, 2018 Health Development and Performance (HDP) held three events in line with its continuous support to improve lives of local community in Gikomero Sector of Gasabo District, in the City of Kigali. They visited the Rutunga genocide memorial center, visited the health center and later visited genocide survivors in Rudakabukirwa Village.

    HDP Staff started the visit to Rutunga Genocide Memorial to Honor the victims of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi. After brief Introduction on the massacres that happened in Rutunga, HDP Staff, Sector officials and the Gasabo District representatives toured the memorial and observed a minute of silence to honor all Tutsis killed during the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis. They also placed flowers on the grave which accommodates over 100 remains of Tutsis. The president of “Ibuka” in Rutunga sector pointed out that many Tutsis were thrown in Lake Muhazi. This is why there was a building built near this lake as a remembrance site. Speaking at the Event, the Deputy Legal Representative of HDP board Nsengiyumva Bernard said that this action is a way to comfort survivors, honoring the departed and to make sure genocide never happens again.

    After visiting the Rutunga Genocide Memorial Centre, HDP delegation and Gasabo district officials headed to Gikomero Health Centre to officially handover to the health Centre a well-constructed security fence surrounding the Gikomero Health Centre which was also constructed with a 100% contribution of HDP. As explained by Nsengiyumva Bernard, this fence cost about 15 million Rwandan Francs and it was made to ensure the security for both the health centre and its patients.

    After the event, the delegation also joined Genocide Survivors in Rudakabukirwa village to celebrate the electricity grid which was connected to their houses, thanks to seven million Rwandan francs provided by HDP as part of the continued support to the wellbeing of local population of Gikomero Sector. Beneficiaries were happy of this project and they thanked HDP for it but as Mukantaganda Florence pointed out there were other challenges like access to clean water that were hindering their wellbeing.

    In his speech, Mberabahizi Raymond pointed out that partners like HDP are key to reaching to district projects. He said “It is very inspiring to see a Rwandan NGO partnering with the District to improve the socio-economic lives of citizens.” According to HDP officials, the organization will continue to work closely with the district to make sure that its contribution is playing positive role in the development of Gasabo District in general and in Gikomero sector particulary.