• HDP achievements in Gikomero sector

    HDP achievements in Gikomero sector

    HDP being a public health organization, take actions is creating health solutions. It is in that angle that in 2008, with the help of the Gikomero population built the Gikomero Health Center. It was a huge step taken for the people since it was a way to bring healthcare close to them, decreasing the trajectory and cost to access health services. In 2008 when the Health Center opened, there were only three doctors to take care of patients. Eleven years later, there are ten doctors and four laboratory specialists.

    In addition to the number of doctors and nurses, this health center follows the government goal to have a health post at least in each and every cell of the country. It is in that same goal that now, Gikomero Health Center has two health posts under its responsibilities: Mukuyu health post and Kibara health post. Both of these health posts are still under the responsibility and get the full support of HDP.

    However, even though the journey seems to have been great so far, this health center still have more requirements. Mukafurere Nizane Gentille, the head of this facility pointed out that the service of Ophthalmology (eye medicine) needs to be restored because it was not operating the way it should. She also added on that they need the service of stomatology (dentistry) to be opened because many people ask for it and are required to be transferred to the district hospital to get the desired treatments.

    Apart from improving the healthcare services directly, to empower health counselors in different villages of Gikomero sector, HDP helped them to start a pig rearing project. This project was meant to inspire them to invest in other projects and to grow whichever capital they have. Their cooperative operates under and is supervised by the Gikomero Health Center authorities.

    HDP involvement in Gikomero goes beyond just health. For a better and improved life, HDP also put electricity in a village of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi survivors where a current transformer that would serve the whole village was installed. After installing the current transformer, HDP also assured the distribution of the electricity from the main electric plant to the village and from house to house.

    HDP involvement was definitely one of the key factor why the Gikomero business center started developing. To illustrate that Jean Claude Hassan Mpakaniye explained that the center came from one old and traditional shop to more than thirty or more advanced shops. There was also a construction of the Gikomero modern market, the construction of a village with houses built in a four in one setting. All these infrastructures made the small village turn into a town.