• HDP in A drive to Improve Health Services in Gikomero sector, Gasabo District.

    HDP in A drive to Improve Health Services in Gikomero sector, Gasabo District.

     Constructed in 2008, Gikomero Health Center was constructed by full technical and financial support of Health Development and Performance (HDP). As various people explain, this hospital is a big impact to Gikomero as a sector since it was the first health center in the whole sector. “Before the construction of this health centre, our Population traveled long distance beyond five kilometers or more than hour to seek medical services elsewhere, such as in the surrounding areas like Kayanga, Nyagasambu, Rwamagana, Ndera, Bumbogo and everywhere. » Mujawayezu Aurelie Deputy head of this hospital testifies. This center also helps people from neighboring sectors too.

    Since 2009, this health center has a large variety of medical services it offers. Health care services are rendered in the center through various departments including but not limited to the observation and well equipped laboratory for different a whole range of tests. The Health center has concluded collaboration agreements with health insurances like RSSB, MMI, and many more private health insurances to allow patients access healthcare services easily.

    This health center shows the mission of HDP, which consists of strengthening the Rwandan communities’ in particular and African in general in implementation of joint or individual actions by using available and appropriate means in contributing to achieving the welfare of the population; improving the quality of social services; encouraging the population to actively participate in development, to use and appreciate services and innovating adapted solutions to newly identified needs.

    Jean Claude Hassan Mpakaniye explains, “We use the Health Center as an opportunity to deliver to the Public quality health care service while at the same time providing them with the right information about the health on Communicable and Non communicable diseases.“